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Registration to the conference is possible only via Registration system from 15 Febraury to 31 March 2023. 

If you used the Registration system in the past, you should already have login information. If not, you have to register first.

After log in the Registration system, please follow these steps:

  1. If you register only yourself, choose Conference registration - one participant
  2. Fill in the abstract of your paper. 
  3. Conference paper/article: tick "My attendance at the conference includes a paper", fill in the title of the paper and short annotation (two or three sentences are enough) 
  4. Services: choose physical or online participation
  5. Address for sending the conference proceedings: fill in the postal address (the conference proccedings will be published both online and in the printed form; we will send the printed version to those participants who will be interested, however we are able to deliver the printed proceedings free of charge only within the EU)
  6. Invoice details: choose the currency and fill in invoice details 
  7. Submit the application 

After submitting the application you will receive the automatic confirmation that your application has been "accepted" by the system. This does not, however mean that your paper has been accepted for the conference.

After submitting the application including the abstract of the paper, the paper will be evaluated by the scientific guarantor of the conference. If the paper is accepted for the conference, the scientific guarantor will confirm your application and your are supposed to pay the registration fee.

Registration system

Registration fee

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