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Registration fee


  1. Physical participation - 1 200 CZK/50 EUR
  2. Online participation - 600 CZK/25 EUR 

Payment procedure 

If your paper is accepted for the conference, the scientific guarantor will confirm your application and your are supposed to pay the registration fee.

Concerning the payment, there is a difference based on the form of participation.

  1. Physical participation.  The payment will be made via the Masaryk University Shopping Centre. A payment notice will be sent to your email. According to instruction in the notice, you will get an invoice in electronic form issued by the Masaryk University Shopping Center. You can pay by card or by bank transfer.
  2. Online participation. The payment is possible only by bank transfer based on the invoice you will receive by email. 

It is not possible to pay the conference fee in cash on the day of the conference. In case your paper is not published (e.g. due to failure to comply with deadlines or prescribed format etc.) or non-participation at the conference, the conference fee is not refundable.

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